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Laurel or Yanny? This audio clip is driving the internet crazy

For The Win logo For The Win 5/15/2018 Alysha Tsuji

Getty © Getty Getty Remember the dress that people either thought was gold and white or black and blue? This is similar to that - but even more maddening.

There's an audio clip going around the internet that is causing people to hear "Yanny" or "Laurel." When I listen to it, I clearly hear "Laurel" and believed that anyone hearing the other option was a troll. You may hear something different.


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OK, now that you've determined what you hear in the video above and have asked those around you what they hear and maybe had minor fights about it and screamed in their faces about how they're wrong, here's a video from Nerd It Up that sort of explains why:

Basically, if you change the pitch, you should be able to hear both.

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This is still extremely weird. Does anyone else's brain hurt?

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