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Marla Maples Doesn’t Have Time For Your Drama

Town and Country logo Town and Country 10/11/2017 Caroline Hallemann
Marla Maples Doesn’t Have Time For the Trump Wife Drama © Hearst Communications, Inc. All rights reserved Marla Maples Doesn’t Have Time For the Trump Wife Drama

In an interview with CBS Sunday Morning over the weekend (during which she promoted her new book Raising Trump), Donald Trump's first wife Ivana Trump called the president's second wife Marla Maples a "showgirl" and a "nobody." It's no secret the two exes have bad blood; Maples notoriously began her relationship with Trump while he was still married to Ivana and their affair - and the first Trump divorce - was one of the most rancorous tabloid battles of the early 1990s.

Ivana also had some choice words for Trump's current wife, Flotus Melania, who issued a biting official statement in response. But Maples has yet to clap back...perhaps because she's living her best life. Exhibit A: Her Instagram. Allow me to give you tour.

Now is Not the Time For Ex-Wife Drama. Now is the Time for Wonder.

✨Today I will allow Wonder in my life ✨

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Her feed is delightful, delivering on her promise of photos of #family #friendships #nature #healthylifestyle. It's literally just flowers, butterflies, clouds, fitness inspo, and photos of the people she loves. She is delightfully basic in every way.

A Girl Can Get Through Anything With Some Help From Her Friends

Worried the World is a Garbage Fire? Perhaps You Have Forgotten About Roses and Butterflies.

Beauty is everywhere… We just have to be willing to see it 💕✨ 🦋

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When It's All Getting Too Much, Try Yoga.

Hate: What Is it Good For? Absolutely Nothing.


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Maples is not here for politics. You'll find no mention in her feed of any concerns over racially charged rhetoric or the plight of the Dreamers or the humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico or the future of healthcare for anyone with a pre-existing condition. But she does regularly post reminders that love is the answer.

Is she sending us a secret message of #resistance through Instagram? Is she unable to vocalize what she's really thinking because of NDAs from her divorce settlement and respect for her daughter Tiffany's father?


Or maybe she's just numb to Trump family drama at this point; she has been living with Trump - and his wives - a lot longer than the rest of us.


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