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Miss Oregon Beauty Contestant Facing Questions About Where She Lives

Inside Edition logo Inside Edition 10/12/2017 Inside Edition

Could the newly crowned Miss Oregon USA not be from Oregon at all?

Some other contestants claim that Toneata Morgan is lying about where she lives.

Morgan admits she grew up in California and goes to college in California. She also competed in four beauty pageants in California, most recently in December 2016.

Questions about her eligibility arose right after she won the crown. She was questioned about her eligibility to compete during a recent TV interview.

“Oregon is my home," she told AMNW. "I live in Coquille with my grandma. I love Oregon and I’m so happy to be able to represent the state."

She added that she has been living in Oregon for more than a year.

“She lied. She falsified her residency in order to compete in Oregon,” another contestant in the pageant, Stephanie Matheson, told Inside Edition.

Some of the other contestants have started an online petition demanding a do-over.

“She should give the crown back," Matheson said. "I think that’s the ethical and right thing to do." 

But pageant organizer Maureen Francisco says Morgan has proven to them that she lives in Oregon.

“Toneata provided us two documents and those two documents are either a driver’s license, a voter’s registration card, a voter history provided by the state, tax return, a deed or a lease,” she said.

She also implied that Matheson may be bitter that Morgan won the title, and not her.

“Unfortunately, after every pageant season someone might be unhappy with the winner,” Francisco said.

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