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People are struggling to figure out whether this viral photo is of snakes or doughnuts

INSIDER logoINSIDER 8/14/2017 (Sophie-Claire Hoeller)
Snake doughnuts © Provided by Business Insider Inc Snake doughnuts

Quick, what do you see when you look at this photo, carbs or reptiles?

If you're confused between delicous-looking glazed doughnuts and slithering snakes, you're not alone.

The image, first tweeted by dip$, has gone viral with almost 15,000 re-tweets and more than 39,000 likes.

The internet was confused.

Wait, so these AIN'T donuts????

100% thought these were donuts, then I thought they might be donuts shaped like snakes. Then I opened the pick and life hit me hard.

I hate myself for taking a quick glimpse of this and thought they were deformed glazed donuts LOL

So many people thought that this was a photo of doughnuts that the original uploader felt the need to comment:

While most people might be accustomed to seeing food pics on social media, yes, these are indeed snakes.





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