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This optical illusion has been confusing people for almost 500 years — can you figure it out?

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a group of people wearing costumes: the ambassadors skitch © Provided by Business Insider Inc the ambassadors skitch

"The Ambassadors" is an oil painting that was finished in 1533 by Hans Holbein the Younger.

If you look at the painting head-on, there's a giant shape towards the bottom that looks like a blob, for lack of a better word. But if you look at the painting from a different angle, the "blob" turns into a skull. It is painted from an "anamorphic perspective."

Art historians believe that the skull is a "memento mori" — a reminder of mortality. In Latin, "memento mori" translates to "remember you will die."

Reportedly, it was the motto of Jean de Dinteville, the man who commissioned the painting. He's pictured on the left.

This optical illusion has been baffling people for almost five centuries. 

It's currently on display at the National Museum in London.

Watch the transformation below.

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