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Zodiac Experts Reveal the New Royal Baby's Future

Good Housekeeping logo Good Housekeeping 4/24/2018 Amanda Garrity

a woman in a red shirt: Kate Middleton with baby © Chris Jackson - Getty Images Kate Middleton with baby In case you missed it: Kate Middleton gave birth to a prince - name remains TBD - on yesterday. Ever since, it's been a whirlwind of older sibling sightings, Princess Diana tributes, and rare PDA moments.

As expected, the world can't stop thinking/talking/gushing about the royal family's new addition. According to astrologer Lisa Stardust, the new baby fits perfectly in perfectly with the rest of the family (what a relief!). "As a whole, the family has very good synastry," she told "He'll have unique relationships with each member of the family - some more dynamic than others - but overall, will connect with each of them in some way or another."

The baby boy was born on April 23, which makes him a Taurus. "By nature, Taureans are beautiful, loyal, down to earth, and practical," astrologer and psychic medium, Suzie Kerr Wright told "Taurus babies, especially, are cuddly and affectionate."

He's also a Cancer rising (a.k.a. the cancer moon was rising on the eastern horizon at the time of his birth). "With Cancer rising, he will likely be a mama's boy as a child (and maybe as an adult too!) and love to be doted on," says Wright. "Cancer rising people love to take care of others and this will become part of his mission in life." (More on that later.)

There's also a few sassy moments in his near future. "The public will know how he's feeling at all times, which may prompt some temper tantrums," says Stardust. "Think about a bull. You can't stop them once they are headed in a certain direction. You just have to get out of the way," adds Wright.

a group of people standing on a sidewalk: Prince George and Princess Charlotte © Karwai Tang/WireImage - Getty Images Prince George and Princess Charlotte

Princess Charlotte - born May 2, 2015 - shares the same sign as the new baby, which indicates that they'll have a close bond. "The baby will view Charlotte as someone who is refined, sociable, and focused on humanitarian efforts," says Stardust. "He likes to learn about others through spirituality and his deep connection with Charlotte will enable him to learn more about her. It's likely that they'll even work together one day."

Prince George, on the other hand, shares the same sign (Cancer) as his father, Prince William. "In turn, the baby will view George as the wild, creative type," says Stardust. "Even though they'll have different approaches to life, it's possible that they may go on a creative endeavor together."

Unlike both his siblings, the new baby may have a knack for physical activities (think: football). "His Aries Mercury thinks fast and he may seem to get bored with certain toys or games very quickly. Finding something that he can “win” at will keep his interest as he ages," says Wright. Competition - well, winning - will be his main motivator.

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge et al. standing in front of a building: prince william kate middleton © Getty Images prince william kate middleton

Both astrologers agree that he'll be completely smitten with his mom (hear that, Kate?). "Not only will he view his mom as an independent woman but he'll see her as the peacekeeper of the family," says Stardust. "He'll regard her opinion as the most important but he'll also go to her to play and scheme. "

That's not to say that this baby will not have a close relationship with Prince William. "Throughout his life, the baby and William will have to actively work on their relationship," says Stardust. "While he looks up to his father's humanitarian work, it may create a disconnect because the baby may feel that he's giving to others rather than him."

Overall, the baby will grow up to be a dreamer and a doer - much like others born under the same birth Moon phase, including Michelangelo, Queen Elizabeth II, and John Lennon. His determination, charisma, and stubborn attitude (hey, it can be a good thing!) will help in excel in work and relationships, according to Wright.

There's no doubt that this baby will make a positive impact on the world - and we're not talking about the adorable photo ops in his future. As he breaks ground in his career, he'll watch out for the underdog and aim to make life more peaceful for those around him. "No matter what, he will break rules and boundaries to create the change he feels necessary," says Wright. "Taurus doesn't particularly like change, unless they are the ones creating it." Be the change, His Royal Highness!

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