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12 ways your driving record can screw up your life Logo By Mark Vallet of | Slide 1 of 13: Police officer using radar speed gun.  John Roman/Getty Images

The long arm of your driving record

Robert Priolo, a marketing manager with Daily Medical Supplies in Glendora, Calif., got a big surprise last year when he opened his tax refund check: It was short by more than $700. It turns out that Priolo had an unpaid speeding ticket that had been collecting fees and interest for eight years.

Priolo was in the middle of a move when he received the ticket and the paperwork never caught up to him California, like most states, has a tax-refund intercept program that allows government agencies to collect delinquent debts. The lesson here is that your driving record can -- and will -- affect your life. As the saying goes, the DMV never forgets.

Your driving record follows you from the day you get your license till the day you hang up your keys. The impact of your driving record extends to many other aspects of your life.

While everyone knows that your car insurance rates are directly linked to your DMV record, you may be shocked to learn that it can also affect your life insurance premium, your right to vote and even your professional life.

Here are 12 ways your driving record can exert its influence on your life.

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