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4 Types of Remote Jobs You Can Land Quickly

Money Talks News logo Money Talks News 10/18/2020 Brie Weiler Reynolds
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This post comes from partner site FlexJobs.

Welcome to our “Work From Home Q&A” series. You ask a question about remote work, and a guest expert answers it. You can learn how to ask a question of your own below.

This week’s question comes from Paul:

“I’ve been recently laid off, but I need to get back to work. Are there more immediate online jobs around?”

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4 types of gigs to consider

Some job search websites do specialize in the types of jobs that hire quickly, and some of those are remote jobs.

While FlexJobs specializes in more long-term remote job opportunities, we created a guide to freelance and gig job platforms to help anyone looking for a more immediate job opportunity.

These types of online job boards tend to specialize in a few different areas:

  • Task jobs, where a person does small in-person or online tasks that don’t take a lot of time to complete and don’t require advanced experience
  • Driving and delivery jobs, which involve driving your own car to deliver people or goods and services
  • Caregiving and animal jobs, where people can provide care in jobs like babysitting, dog walking and similar gig jobs
  • Writing jobs, where people with excellent written communication skills can write a huge variety of content in one-off or ongoing projects

And of course, there are many more freelance and gig jobs available in areas like art and design, user testing and personal assistant tasks.

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About me

I am a career development manager and coach at FlexJobs, where I help people find flexible work, including remote, part-time and freelance jobs. Before joining FlexJobs in 2010, I was a career adviser for college students and alumni. I have a master of science in human resources management and am a certified advanced resume writer.

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