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'I turned in my notice': Employee offered promotion, later told that it's a 'lateral promotion' that comes with a $1 raise, quits

Cheezburger logo Cheezburger 12/8/2022

Being recognized for a job well done is essential for continued motivation — but every one of us would probably also like to be compensated for our extra generated value. 

Unfortunately, doing extra work to try and qualify yourself for a raise or promotion isn't always going to pay off. Sometimes there needs to be more visibility of your individual efforts and the extra value they're bringing to the table; it's surprising how many companies don't actually (or accurately) track vital numbers and performance indicators that directly impact revenue. Maybe the issue with visibility is that you're not doing enough to communicate to your manager what you're contributing and not broadcasting your additional efforts. In a lot of circumstances, communication about the results can be more important than the results themselves.

There is a myriad of other reasons that can result in you not earning more despite over-performing, with most of them boiling down to the simple fact that a lot of modern organizations aren't going to pay you for a job you've already done.

This is a big shame because it often costs these organizations more, in the long run, to train and gamble on the revolving door of new hires than it would have to invest a little bit more into their high performers. 

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This employee was ecstatic when they were asked to take on a “more challenging” position in their company. Their manager initially framed the discussion as if they were receiving a promotion, but when it came time for them to sit down with the district manager a few weeks later, they might as well have been talking to a brick wall. Despite heavy preparation for the discussion, the offer (as the district manager saw it) was clear: lateral promotion, $1 raise. Insulted, the employee turned in their notice. “They can spend twice that what I asked in replacing me.” they write. 

Keep reading to see the screenshots of the original thread as it was posted on Reddit's r/antiwork subreddit by Redditor u/caprainyoung. For more, check out this worker who quit their job when their boss refused to let them take a single day of leave over Christmas to spend time with their parents.

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via u/caprainyoung

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