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National universities where students are eager to enroll

U.S. News & World Report logo U.S. News & World Report 1/25/2016 Kelly Mae Ross
Harvard banners hang from Memorial Church at harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts on Friday, September 4, 2009. © Bloomberg Harvard banners hang from Memorial Church at harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts on Friday, September 4, 2009.

High school seniors aren't the only ones who have to worry about making a good impression during the college admissions process. The schools themselves have to stand out from their competitors in the race to enroll the best students.

In fact, of the 265 research-oriented National Universities that provided data to U.S. News in an annual survey, only 25 could say that they enrolled more than half of the students they accepted for fall 2014.

Harvard University reported the highest yield, or percentage of accepted students who enrolled, of any National University for fall 2014. National Universities are schools that offer a full range of undergraduate majors, as well as master's and doctoral degrees, and tend to emphasize research. Harvard had a yield of 80.9 percent, while Princeton University, the No. 1 National University in the 2016 Best Colleges rankings, had a yield of 66.2 percent.

The public university with the highest yield was the University of Alaska—Fairbanks, which enrolled 70.6 percent of its 1,164 accepted students in fall 2014. In all, 11 public universities had more than half of their admitted students go on to enroll during this period.

The average yield among all reporting schools was 33.6 percent, slightly lower than the average of 34.1 percent for fall 2013.

Below are the fall 2014 yields for every National University that reported data to U.S. News. The rate can be affected by a school's early decision or early action options, as some of those programs bind students to attend if accepted. The data reflect first-time, first-year, degree-seeking students only.

School (state)Students acceptedStudents who enrolled in fall 2014Yield
Harvard University (MA)2,0451,65480.9%
Brigham Young University—Provo (UT)5,2074,07278.2%
Stanford University (CA)2,1451,67878.2%
Massachusetts Institute of Technology1,4471,04372.1%
University of Alaska—Fairbanks1,16482270.6%
Yale University (CT)1,9501,36069.7%
Princeton University (NJ)1,9831,31266.2%
Tennessee State University2,0851,37766%
University of Pennsylvania3,7182,42565.2%
Columbia University (NY)2,2911,42462.2%
University of Chicago2,4091,44760.1%
University of Nevada—Las Vegas6,4373,86560%
Brown University (RI)2,6611,56158.7%
Yeshiva University (NY)1,39380958.1%
Georgia Southern University6,1073,49857.3%
University of Nebraska—Lincoln8,2934,65256.1%
University of Louisiana—Lafayette5,2372,92255.8%
University of New Mexico5,7963,13254%
University of Notre Dame (IN)3,7852,01153.1%
Cornell University (NY)6,1053,22552.8%
North Dakota State University4,7272,46952.2%
Dartmouth College (NH)2,2201,15251.9%
Georgia State University7,1443,69651.7%
University of New Orleans1,67486551.7%
Florida A&M University2,4561,23750.4%
University of Florida13,1116,53749.9%
Louisiana Tech University3,8131,85748.7%
South Dakota State University4,7232,28348.3%
Jackson State University (MS)2,4861,19648.1%
University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee7,1933,45348%
Duke University (NC)3,5961,72147.9%
University of North Dakota3,9921,90647.7%
Texas A&M University—College Station22,86310,83547.4%
University of Texas—Austin15,3817,28547.4%
Georgetown University (DC)3,3841,57846.6%
Northwestern University (IL)4,4162,04346.3%
University of California—Berkeley11,8165,46646.3%
Middle Tennessee State University6,7403,09545.9%
Trinity International University (IL)38117445.7%
University of Nevada—Reno7,4083,38745.7%
University of Texas—El Paso7,1493,25445.5%
University of Oklahoma9,2164,17645.3%
University of Georgia11,6445,26145.2%
Wright State University (OH)5,0672,28445.1%
University of Texas—San Antonio11,3365,05744.6%
Louisiana State University—Baton Rouge12,7065,65544.5%
University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill8,9293,97644.5%
Oklahoma State University9,1884,05744.2%
University of South Alabama4,6882,07344.2%
University of Texas—Arlington6,2902,73643.5%
Indiana University-Purdue University—Indianapolis9,1073,94943.4%
East Tennessee State University4,8182,05542.7%
Trevecca Nazarene University (TN)75232042.6%
University of Memphis5,5582,36542.6%
University of Texas—Dallas5,9382,52042.4%
North Carolina State University—Raleigh10,3904,37442.1%
Missouri University of Science & Technology3,0711,28841.9%
University of Alabama—Huntsville1,72672441.9%
University of North Texas10,4724,37141.7%
Vanderbilt University (TN)3,8651,60541.5%
University of Louisville (KY)6,9792,88741.4%
University of Wisconsin—Madison15,1836,26441.3%
Kansas State University9,1273,75741.2%
University of Southern Mississippi3,9041,60741.2%
University of Virginia8,9973,70941.2%
Tufts University (MA)3,2871,34841%
University of Nebraska—Omaha4,5141,84840.9%
University of North Carolina—Greensboro5,9092,40540.7%
University of Tennessee11,5554,70140.7%
SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry81633140.6%
University of Michigan—Ann Arbor16,0476,50540.5%
Arizona State University—Tempe19,0427,64740.2%
North Carolina A&T State University4,3141,72239.9%
University of Alabama17,2216,82439.6%
University of Missouri16,4376,51539.6%
University of South Dakota3,1461,24739.6%
Johns Hopkins University (MD)3,5871,41439.4%
Portland State University (OR)4,1841,64439.3%
California Institute of Technology57622639.2%
University of Central Florida16,4836,46739.2%
Bowling Green State University (OH)7,7433,03039.1%
University of Missouri—St. Louis1,31251339.1%
Mississippi State University7,6462,97438.9%
Texas Tech University14,4645,61938.8%
University of Arkansas11,7774,57138.8%
University of Missouri—Kansas City2,7861,07338.5%
East Carolina University (NC)10,9924,22638.4%
Lamar University (TX)3,6531,39938.3%
University of Wyoming4,0891,56738.3%
Iowa State University15,9906,04137.8%
New Mexico State University4,9421,86237.7%
Sam Houston State University (TX)6,7592,54237.6%
Cleveland State University4,2221,57437.3%
Old Dominion University (VA)7,5022,79537.3%
University of Houston10,9154,04837.1%
University of Montana4,3171,60137.1%
Bowie State University (MD)1,62659636.7%
Michigan State University21,9508,05536.7%
Wichita State University (KS)4,3151,58436.7%
Virginia Tech15,0675,49436.5%
University of Washington17,4516,36036.4%
West Virginia University13,3864,86836.4%
Maryville University of St. Louis1,13441236.3%
Ohio State University—Columbus19,4847,07936.3%
University of Cincinnati12,6114,57836.3%
Florida International University8,3803,01336%
Florida State University16,7636,02135.9%
University of California—Los Angeles16,0595,76435.9%
University of Alabama—Birmingham4,8931,74835.7%
Rice University (TX)2,67794935.5%
University of Northern Colorado5,5511,96935.5%
University of Utah8,9493,15835.3%
University of Toledo (OH)9,8463,43634.9%
New Jersey Institute of Technology3,0251,05034.7%
University of Kentucky14,9305,18534.7%
Washington University in St. Louis5,0041,73434.7%
Morgan State University (MD)3,1371,07834.4%
Virginia Commonwealth University10,4263,58634.4%
Benedictine University (IL)1,97467234%
New School (NY)3,7051,26034%
Oregon State University10,9753,71833.9%
Wake Forest University (NC)3,8261,28733.6%
Ball State University (IN)10,8423,59733.2%
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey—New Brunswick19,3246,41233.2%
University of North Carolina—Charlotte10,0043,31933.2%
University of Southern California9,3583,09833.1%
Indiana University of Pennsylvania8,2932,73333%
Lehigh University (PA)3,9451,29932.9%
University of Maryland—College Park12,5564,12932.9%
New York University18,0105,91332.8%
University of Illinois—Urbana-Champaign21,1506,93732.8%
University of South Carolina15,2194,98032.7%
Colorado State University13,4044,35332.5%
Georgia Institute of Technology8,6412,80932.5%
Auburn University (AL)14,1544,59232.4%
Pennsylvania State University—University Park25,2958,18332.4%
University of West Florida4,2291,37132.4%
Utah State University12,5574,07132.4%
Biola University (CA)2,92194432.3%
Stevens Institute of Technology (NJ)2,27273432.3%
Texas A&M University—Commerce3,1641,01532.1%
Cardinal Stritch University (WI)59018932%
Illinois State University11,3013,58931.8%
Clemson University (SC)10,9673,47531.7%
University of Arizona24,4177,74431.7%
Andrews University (MI)86327331.6%
Kent State University (OH)13,6074,29231.5%
College of William and Mary (VA)4,8051,51131.4%
Southern Illinois University—Carbondale8,8832,77531.2%
Michigan Technological University3,8591,19931.1%
University of Hawaii—Manoa5,9201,84131.1%
Florida Atlantic University9,8673,06031%
University of South Florida13,2854,11631%
Oakland University (MI)8,3542,55930.6%
Edgewood College (WI)95529030.4%
University of St. Thomas (MN)4,6281,40930.4%
Carnegie Mellon University (PA)4,8741,47430.2%
Central Michigan University12,6723,77329.8%
Washington State University15,0294,45729.7%
Indiana State University9,2922,73929.5%
Texas A&M University—Corpus Christi6,6871,96529.4%
Texas Southern University5,2531,53229.2%
Boston College7,8752,28829.1%
University of Mississippi13,0773,80929.1%
Texas Woman's University3,9091,13429%
George Washington University (DC)8,3512,41628.9%
University of Akron (OH)12,5463,60528.7%
Emory University (GA)4,7731,36528.6%
Nova Southeastern University (FL)2,13060228.3%
University of Kansas14,4144,08428.3%
Ohio University15,5484,37928.2%
University of Massachusetts—Lowell5,8251,64228.2%
Duquesne University (PA)4,7741,34328.1%
Indiana University—Bloomington27,6687,71627.9%
University of Idaho5,7461,59027.7%
Temple University (PA)16,3574,48527.4%
University of Minnesota—Twin Cities20,3005,53027.2%
Purdue University—West Lafayette (IN)23,5066,37227.1%
University of Maryland—Baltimore County6,0901,62926.7%
Ashland University (OH)2,28860426.4%
University of Illinois—Chicago11,5983,03026.1%
South Carolina State University2,46164126%
American University (DC)6,9311,78725.8%
San Diego State University19,6255,05425.8%
St. Mary's University of Minnesota1,29433425.8%
University of Massachusetts—Boston5,9811,54225.8%
University of Colorado—Denver5,2701,34925.6%
Western Michigan University11,7753,01225.6%
Montana State University11,5702,94325.4%
University of Delaware16,4914,17925.3%
Northern Illinois University10,0832,54225.2%
University at Buffalo—SUNY14,1283,51724.9%
University of Tulsa (OK)3,07476424.9%
University of Oregon15,9973,96124.8%
Azusa Pacific University (CA)4,2571,04624.6%
Brandeis University (MA)3,52385924.4%
Illinois Institute of Technology1,80144024.4%
Syracuse University (NY)14,2603,47024.3%
University of Colorado—Boulder24,2305,86924.2%
University of Iowa19,5064,66623.9%
Southern Methodist University (TX)6,1921,45923.6%
University of Pittsburgh16,2713,84723.6%
Worcester Polytechnic Institute (MA)4,4801,05623.6%
Wayne State University (MI)9,4332,19523.3%
University of Connecticut15,6293,58823%
St. John Fisher College (NY)2,60559722.9%
Texas Christian University8,3221,89122.7%
University of Rochester (NY)6,3441,43622.6%
Colorado School of Mines4,50199922.2%
Howard University (DC)6,6611,47922.2%
Miami University—Oxford (OH)16,6573,64421.9%
University of California—Davis24,5415,37721.9%
University of New Hampshire14,7403,22721.9%
University of California—Irvine24,8905,43521.8%
University of Maine9,5392,06821.7%
University of Dayton (OH)10,0162,16421.6%
University of Rhode Island15,8463,41621.6%
University at Albany—SUNY12,1482,54821%
Boston University18,7013,91520.9%
Pepperdine University (CA)3,16165620.8%
Binghamton University—SUNY12,5642,60220.7%
Widener University (PA)3,57673920.7%
George Mason University (VA)15,0173,07820.5%
Stony Brook University—SUNY13,9382,85520.5%
Tulane University (LA)8,0781,64720.4%
University of Massachusetts—Amherst22,8044,64220.4%
Lynn University (FL)2,66354020.3%
University of California—Riverside21,0444,27920.3%
Northern Arizona University25,1535,03520%
Texas A&M University—Kingsville5,4321,08620%
University of California—San Diego24,5954,92120%
University of California—Santa Barbara24,2834,74719.5%
Baylor University (TX)18,7663,62519.3%
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (NY)6,9761,33119.1%
Saint Louis University8,3831,60519.1%
DePaul University (IL)13,6492,54418.6%
Northeastern University (MA)16,0522,94418.3%
Loyola University Chicago12,9312,29217.7%
The Catholic University of America (DC)4,75383217.5%
University of California—Santa Cruz22,9143,99017.4%
University of Miami (FL)12,0642,07617.2%
University of San Diego6,5891,12917.1%
Clarkson University (NY)4,59976716.7%
Immaculata University (PA)1,31321916.7%
Regent University (VA)1,23320516.6%
Clark Atlanta University4,35271716.5%
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey—Newark6,4831,01715.7%
Case Western Reserve University (OH)8,3261,28215.4%
Adelphi University (NY)6,37797515.3%
Pace University (NY)13,3622,03315.2%
University of La Verne (CA)3,83356314.7%
Florida Institute of Technology5,27877114.6%
University of San Francisco10,4781,50214.3%
Clark University (MA)3,94654813.9%
Marquette University (WI)14,5131,99213.7%
University of Denver10,4561,42413.6%
Our Lady of the Lake University (TX)2,68035713.3%
Barry University (FL)3,49746013.2%
Seton Hall University (NJ)9,6751,26513.1%
University of Vermont17,7962,31013%
Fordham University (NY)19,6852,25811.5%
University of the Pacific (CA)8,33592411.1%
Hofstra University (NY)16,2581,71410.5%
St. John's University (NY)27,8832,79510%
Drexel University (PA)36,0882,9288.1%

The yield data above are correct as of Jan. 25, 2016. For additional admissions data, complete rankings and much more, access the U.S. News College Compass.

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