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Is your state richer than these countries?

GOBankingRates logo GOBankingRates 5/24/2017 Andrew Lisa

Texas vs. Canada

New York vs. South Korea

Florida vs. Indonesia

Illinois vs. the Netherlands

Pennsylvania vs. Switzerland

Ohio vs. Argentina

New Jersey vs. Sweden

© f11photo / New Jersey's $577.3 billion economy easily sweeps the Northeast state into the No. 22 spot for the largest economies in the world. Sweden, with a GDP of $495.62 billion, loses its place on the list by more than $80 billion.

North Carolina vs. Nigeria

Georgia vs. Poland

Virginia vs. Belgium

Massachusetts vs. Iran

Michigan vs. Thailand

Washington vs. Norway

© Albert Pego / In the battle for the No. 28 spot on the list of the world's biggest economies, the heart of the Pacific Northwest handily beats the Nordic nation of Norway. Norway has a GDP of $386.57 billion, compared with Washington state, which boasts a GDP of $450.58 billion.

Washington's economy is driven by several key industries, including the military, aerospace, maritime, life science and global health. The IT, forestry, clean energy and agriculture sectors also play a major role.

Maryland vs. Egypt

© f11photo / Currently, the world's No. 31 largest economy is maintained by Egypt, home to one of the planet's first major civilizations. If states were countries, however, Maryland's $368.4 billion GDP would knock Egypt — which has a GDP of just under $330.78 billion — out of the running.

The aerospace and defense industry plays a major role in Maryland's economy. The manufacturing, biohealth and life sciences, IT and energy sectors also drive the state's GDP.

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