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How to design dynamic eVTOL flight control systems | Alauda Future Flight Report

Florian Breut - Alauda Aeronautics' Embedded Systems Engineer - leads the development of new aircraft programs and the validation of the flight controller on our racing eVTOL vehicles for the Airspeeder and EXA Series. Florian's role is essential in driving improvements in Speeder performance outside of flight tests through software modeling and is also responsible for spearheading the development of our simulator, tools for pilot training, and the evolution of the human-machine interface. Florian accurately models the dynamic responses of our racing eVTOLs, allowing us to iterate on the Speeder design and verify the effect new components or tuning profiles will have on performance. This approach allows our aerospace engineers to improve the robustness of overall systems before we even fly and be sure they can safely push aircraft to their limit. His work on developing the EXA Simulator and the human-machine interface is essential in training pilots to master flying Speeders, but also to test the best way to display information to the pilot - via visual cues, haptic feedback, and audio warnings.
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