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Hypercar Track Testing | Mondays with Mate 15

Have you ever wondered how vehicle manufacturers get from simulations to a production vehicle that meets their targets? That could be a years-long process of testing and iterations. The Rimac C_Two is undergoing an intensive prototype testing program on proving grounds worldwide ahead of the start of production in 2021. We decided to take you behind the scenes of hypercar development and show you all major aspects of this program. In today's episode - the mechanics of track testing. This time around, the Mondays with Mate episode is based on a winning question from the previous one - one of our fans was interested in everything regarding track testing, and we decided to take you through it, step by step. Our Head of Powertrain and Electrical Architecture, Matija Renic, joined Mate to discuss track testing and real-time data analysis via Rimac M2M.
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