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4 Embarrassing Business Buzzwords You Should Never Use

Inc. logo Inc. 10/11/2018 Ben Schott
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Don't let anyone catch you using these trendy buzzwords and phrases--at least, not if you want to be respected at work.

Accidental collaboration /noun

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When "free-range" employees with unassigned workspaces have serendipitous interactions: "You see people around talking about, 'Hey, what do you see in the market?' and it spawns some new ideas." That's right, folks: They've invented the water cooler.

Source: NBC Dallas-Fort Worth

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Plastiglomerate /noun

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A "multi-composite material made hard by agglutination of rock and molten plastic." Or: how capitalism is literally embedding our pollution into the foundations of the planet. Let's celebrate this achievement with commemorative key chains, Frisbees, and fidget spinners.

Source: GSA Today

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Sadopopulism /noun

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"Promise people things, but then when you get power ... you deliberately make the suffering worse for your critical constituency." Wait. Is this political, or is it iTunes?

Source: Timothy Snyder, The Road to Unfreedom

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Cyberloafing /noun

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Think personal internet use on company time is "counterproductive work behavior"? Think again! "Cyberloafing" indicates employee "underload"; surfing the web "helps employees cope with workplace boredom." Hmmm. Maybe the real word to swat here is underload.

Source: Computers in Human Behavior


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