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5-Minute Mentor: How Do I Get My Products In Front of Customers Online?

Here's how to incorporate e-commerce into your existing brick-and-mortar sales. "Success leaves clues." Terry Rice, a business development consultant and writer for Entrepreneur magazine, is not channeling Sherlock Holmes — he's offering a surefire method for newbies in the business game to unlock success. "Jot down the names of competitors and similar companies and see how they are making it happen. Look how they use social media, find out who they are partnering with. Then put your own spin on those methods that are proven to work." In this week's episode of 5-Minute Mentor, Terry talks with Julia Cuthbertson, co-founder of Las Chingonas Imports, a Brooklyn-based company that imports high-end Mezcal from Mexico. Julia and her co-founder Tiffany Collings launched their company with two products a year and a half ago, and are looking for ways to expand not just in New York City shops, but online as well. Terry breaks down strategies and tactics for the team to reach a wider customer base while keeping things manageable within their time and resource constraints. Watch the above conversation and in just five minutes get actionable tips for: Moving from brick-and-mortar to online sales Getting your product on relevant delivery platforms Developing a customer relationship management system Taking your first steps in fundraising



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