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"People just don't wanna work these days": Man Explains Why More People Are Choosing to Stay at Home and Rely on Government Assistance

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In a recent viral TikTok video, a man uses basic math to explain why an increasing number of Americans are choosing government assistance over pursuing employment opportunities.

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In response to the notion that people are more inclined to rely on government assistance rather than work, @your_favoritebiker posted a video in which he quickly did some calculations to explain why this might be the trend. 

According to him, an average apartment in Texas costs around $1,000 per month, not counting other utilities like water and gas. Meanwhile, the average monthly cost of a vehicle in the same state is just under $600.

This means that for someone who wants to have a vehicle and a place to live in Texas, it would cost around $1600 per month. And given that someone making $12 an hour would earn less than $2,000 per month (before taxes), this makes it difficult to cover the costs of living.

"For all of you that can't figure out why you cannot get people to work for you, maybe you can't afford people to work for you," he concludes. 

He proposes that instead of charging clients $30 an hour to have people there on site, companies should provide their employees with a living wage that enables them to afford basic necessities like housing and food without having to rely on government assistance.

"Otherwise you know it makes it pretty easy to just sit on your a..s and ask for assistance," he continues, "Who in the hell wants to work 40 hours a week and then have to get government assistance on top of that?"

He also points out that the situation of struggling to survive is not unique to uneducated individuals in America, but also to those with college degrees who earn less than $15 an hour, stressing that living on such a wage is impossible, and this is the reason why some people in the state are now living in tents.

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"I'm tired of hearing this whole narrative ‘Americans don't want to work.' No, no, these companies don't want to pay," he suggests. 

The video sparked a lively discussion in the comments section, with viewers sharing their own thoughts and opinions on the issue.

"A lot of businesses and corporations are interested in exploiting workers," one pointed out, "but completely unwilling to pay enough to survive."

A second proposed, "the big problem is inflation!"

A third shared, "I'm in Texas I make 20 an hour and can barely keep my head above water."

To sum up, low-wage workers seem to lack the motivation to go to work when government assistance is readily available. This issue seems to be becoming more widespread and is likely to lead to reduced economic growth and an increased burden on the government. 


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