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Visa, Inc. was incorporated in the State of Delaware in May 2007. It is a payment technology company that connects consumers, businesses, banks and governments in more than 200 countries and territories to fast, secure and reliable e...morelectronic payments. The Company operates processing networks, VisaNet, offering fraud protection for consumers and assured payment for merchants. The Company owns, manages and promotes a portfolio of well-known, widely-accepted payment brands, including Visa, Visa Electron, PLUS and Interlink, which it license to its clients for use in their payment programs. The Company provides payment solutions that support payment products that issuers can offer to its account holders. These services facilitate transactions on its network among account holders, merchants, financial i...morenstitutions and governments in mature and emerging markets. It offers a range of branded payments product platforms, which its clients, primarily financial institutions, use to develop and offer credit, debit, prepaid and cash access programs, as well as digital, mobile and e-Commerce platforms for their customers. The Company provides transaction processing and value-added services to its clients through VisaNet, Visa Debit Processing Services and Visa Processing Services and promotes and enforces a common set of operating regulations adhered to by its clients to ensure the efficient and secure functioning of its payments network and the maintenance and promotion of its brands. The Company competes with lobal payment marketplace against all forms of payment which includes: paper-based payments, principally cash and checks, card-based payments, including credit, charge, debit, ATM, prepaid and private-label products, eCommerce and mobile-based payments; and other electronic payments, including wire transfers, electronic benefits transfers, automated clearing house ("ACH"), and electronic data interchange.lessless

Key People

Charles W. Scharf


Mr. Robert W. Matschullat

Chairman of the Board/Director

Byron H. Pollitt,Jr

CFO/Chief Accounting Officer/Executive VP

Mary Ellen Richey

Chief Risk Officer/Executive VP

William M. Sheedy

Executive VP, Divisional