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Bancorp of New Jersey Inc is a one-bank holding company incorporated under the laws of the State of New Jersey in November 2006 to serve as a holding company for Bank of New Jersey or the Bank. The Company’s main business is ownershi...morep and supervision of the Bank. The Company, through the Bank, conducts a traditional commercial banking business, accepting deposits from the general public, including individuals, businesses, non-profit organizations, and governmental units. The Bank makes commercial loans, consumer loans, and both residential and commercial real estate loans. In addition, the Bank provides other customer services and makes investments in securities, as permitted by law. The Bank continues to offer an alternative, community-oriented style of banking in an area, which is presently domina...moreted by larger, statewide and national institutions. The Bank strives to deliver these products and services with the care and professionalism expected of a community bank and with a special dedication to personalized customer service. The banking business remains competitive and increasingly more regulated. The Bank competes with local, regional, and national commercial banks, savings banks, and savings and loan associations. The Bank also competes with money market mutual funds, mortgage bankers, insurance companies, stock brokerage firms, regulated small loan companies, credit unions, and issuers of commercial paper and other securities. The Company is also subject to comprehensive examination and supervision by the FRB and the Bank is also subject to comprehensive examination and supervision by NJDOBI and the FDIC.lessless

Key People

Michael Lesler

COO/CEO/CEO, Subsidiary/Director/President/President, Subsidiary/Vice Chairman of the Board

Gerald A. Calabrese, Jr

Chairman of the Board/Director

Mr. Richard Capone

CFO/CFO, Subsidiary/Chief Accounting Officer/Chief Accounting Officer, Subsidiary/Senior VP/Senior VP, Subsidiary

Diane M. Spinner

Chief Administrative Officer/Director/Executive VP/Executive VP, Subsidiary/Other Executive Officer

Leo J. Faresich

Chief Lending Officer/Executive VP/Executive VP, Subsidiary/Other Executive Officer

  • Bancorp of New Jersey Inc

  • 1365 Palisade Avenue

  • Fort Lee, NJ 07024

  • USA.Map

  • Phone: +1 201 944-8600

  • Fax: -