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Amazon Key security concerns

Earlier in the month, Amazon released their product, the Amazon Key and Camera. The devise allows amazon delivery people the option to put the package being delivered inside of the house instead of placing it on the customers doorstep. Many people were skeptible about the service, mainly due to the fact that a stranger will be let into their house, and that they can potentially hack the video and steal from the persons house. Amazon released a statement to ensure the saftey of their customers and is quoted saying, " Every delivery driver passes a comprehensive background check that is verified by Amazon before they can make in-home deliveries, every delivery is connected to a specific driver, and before we unlock the door for a delivery, Amazon verifies that the correct driver is at the right address, at the intended time. We currently notify customers if the camera is offline for an extended period. Later this week we will deploy an update to more quickly provide notifications if the camera goes offline during delivery. The service will not unlock the door if the Wi-Fi is disabled and the camera is not online.”
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