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Apple Special Event. March 25, 2019.

Livestream for incompatible devices, and livestream for chatting about the event. Apple Special Event. March 25, 2019. From the Steve Jobs Theater, Cupertino, CA. Join us here March 25, 2019 at 10 a.m. PDT to watch the Apple Special Event, live from the Steve Jobs Theater. Here's what we expect Apple to launch on 25 March 2019 (taken from Apple TV subscription service Apple News subscription service Apple credit card New Apple TV (possibly) We look at all of these in more detail below, along with a few other wildcards. Below is more detail about what we expect to hear about at the 2019 spring event, including links to individual stories. Apple streaming video service There are lots of very credible reports suggesting that Apple will soon be making its own content available for streaming. This could include TV shows and films being financed by Apple itself - and this content might even be given away for free to Apple users. Apple is also expected to allow customers to subscribe to other content via its new service, possibly offering subscription bundles. Check out the latest news about Apple's plans for TV and movie content Mini Apple TV How about a smaller, cheaper Apple TV to go with this new TV streaming service? If Apple wants to reach the masses with its service, a dongle that will let them stream Apple's new content to their TV sets could be an essential part of the equation. Alternatively Apple has already come to an agreement with a number of different TV manufacturers to enable AirPlay 2 compatibility on their sets, so perhaps there will be no need to use an Apple TV to stream Apple's new content. Even Roku is said to be working with Apple to include the new service on its devices. We look at the rumours about the mini Apple TV stick here. Plus we have other Apple TV rumours here. News subscription service It's not as exciting as a TV streaming service, but apparently Apple will also launch a subscription news service that will offer access to paywalled content from the likes of The New York Times, the Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal. Apple Credit Card You are probably already using Apple Pay but how about an Apple Credit card? Apparently, Apple and Goldman Sachs are going to be linking up to launch a credit card. Actually this isn't a completely new thing. Apple already has a partnership in place with Barclays through which it offers financing for customers who want to spread payments for a new iPhone or other Apple device. However, this new card will be a physical card. Every time a customer is issued with the new co-branded card, Goldman Sachs will pay Apple. We could also see a redesigned Wallet app. New HomePod Apple's also rumoured to be gearing up to launch a new HomePod in 2019, so we could see one at a movie- and music-themed event in March 2019. HomePod mini It's probably wishful thinking, but there are a lot of rumours flying around suggesting that Apple will launch a cheaper, smaller HomePod (maybe it will have Beats rather than Apple branding). Such a move would, presumably, help Apple gain marketshare in the smart speaker space, but it has a long way to go before it has anything like the market share of Amazon. Read about the Mini HomePod and HomePod 2. AirPower It must be a source of embarrassment at Apple that the wireless charger it planned to launch in 2018 has been delayed. Perhaps it will be ready in time to launch at the spring event, days after the launch of new AirPods (which now come with a wireless charging case). Read about AirPower and its problems here. Over-ear headphones We already mentioned the AirPods above, but the company is also said to be planning to introduce some new over ear headphones. We have the rumours about the StudioPods. iPhone SE 2 After introducing the iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max Apple discontinued the iPhone SE to the dismay of many. The SE was a popular iPhone, being both the smallest and the cheapest handset on offer. The iPhone XR is no replacement for the SE 2, still rather pricey and it's much larger than the 4in SE. However, there are some rumours hinting that Apple may still launch a new 4in handset for those people who prefer a smaller phone. In fact, code in Xcode has indicated that a new handset could ship featuring the older iPhone 7 processor, and this could well be an update to the SE.

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