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CFO Tarek Robbiati Outlines the Road Ahead For HPE

Tarek Robbiati: So, 5G is a great opportunity for HP as a whole, not just Aruba. It's tremendous opportunity, particularly in the United States. It's very, very important for us. And it's encompassing Aruba, but also our [HITS 00:05:01] business because a lot of the HITS solutions apply very nicely to 5G and also the CMS, which is our Communication Telecom Software Business that we have in-house. And if you look at the HITS portfolio products and you think about 5G, 5G is actually an enormous amount of bandwidth made available, which changes the wireless broadband equation, gives much better coverage across the nation, and as a result of the fact that you're putting a lot more capacity on air, you need to store the data, you need to process the data and moving the data back and forth from a central office to the cell edge is costly. And [Telco 00:05:54] operators looking at storing and cashing a lot of that information closer to the cell edge. Tarek Robbiati: So that's an opportunity for us with our storage and compute solutions that we have in the HITS portfolio. But if you look at the enterprise segment of the market, too, that's a world that's completely nascent and it's presenting tremendous opportunities for us through Aruba as companies, whether they are operating in one country or multiple countries, would like to have a better end-to-end management of their infrastructure across their geographies and across platforms. Whether it's Wi-Fi or 5G, so we are thinking about how we can capitalize for that opportunity specifically through switching and the outer layers of the Telecom stack so to speak with Aruba and where we have plans for that and is where our RND dollars go. This video was originally published by TheStreet.

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