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Trading Strategies: Markets Won't Ignore Trade Headlines

One thing that I'm really paying attention to in these markets are the headlines, because we're seeing the same trade headlines jump the markets we're seeing them cause them to go down. So, I'm curious about how the Fed headlines, the Brexit headlines the, trade headlines, all of these will impact the markets going forward. I've talked to a bunch of experts and I've talked to traders who are saying that "Yes, they should be affecting the markets." I've talked to experts who are saying "No they're baked in" and then I've also talked to experts who are saying "No they shouldn't be affecting the market." So, I'm curious to see going forward how they actually do impact the markets. You know I talked to Christina Hooper and she was saying that absolutely these headlines should. I'm quoting her directly - "if you think about the trade wars for so long Markets ignored that issue. It's interesting with this March 1st deadline coming up what we should expect and how the markets will move." This video was originally published by TheStreet.

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