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What Is eSports? Inside the Booming Industry

eSports, also known as electronic sports, is competitive video gaming where teams or individuals play against each other for prize money in front of millions of viewers watching online and in physical arenas. Just how big is it? According to Newzoo, a marketing intelligence firm covering eSports here are some facts you should know: The eSports industry will top $1 billion in 2019 450 million people will watch eSports in 2019 200 million of those being eSports enthusiasts The global eSports audience is estimated to reach 453.8 million this year, representing a year-over-year growth of 15%. Bottom line, the video gaming industry is in growth mode, presenting a big opportunity for investors. Here are a few: Game Publishers. EA or Activision-Blizzard (creator of eSports favorite Overwatch) and tech firms like Amazon , which owns Twitch, are staking their positions in the booming eSports market -- whether it's through game licensing, broadcasting, or orchestrating events around the world. Related. Video: Another Look at Gaming and eSports Sponsorships. Companies like Coca-Cola , Visa , Intel and Comcast Xfinity are signing on as sponsors for eSports leagues. And there is so much more to esports. Watch the video to find out who just signed a $4 million dollar deal to play eSports. Want to learn how the major tech players are shaking up the gaming industry? Download our report
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