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3 Things You'll Spend Less on in Retirement

We spend a lot of time worrying about saving enough for retirement. And rightly so. But there's good news, too: There are some items you'll spend less on once you stop working. Transportation For many, saying goodbye to rush-hour traffic and long commutes is the best part of retirement. There's a financial benefit, too: The average retired household spends 30% less on transportation costs. Clothing All that dressing for success? Well, you've already made it. Look for clothing costs to drop nearly in half in retirement. Food Even if you dream of a retirement filled with steak dinners and brunch dates, chance are you'll still spend less filling your belly. The average household spends 25% less on groceries (thanks to smarter, less hurried shopping) and 35% less on eating out. For more items that will cost you less in retirement (and some that will cost you more) go to and search "spend less in retirement."
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