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Must-Have Items for Your Emergency Kit

Fire, earthquake hurricane: Americans face a variety of threats. Should you need to evacuate in a hurry, you need a go-bag -- an emergency kit you can carry with you. Here are three key things you need: The Bag Itself Look for something waterproof, roomy and comfortable to carry. A large daypack from one of the established outdoor vendors should fit the bill. Straps and loops on the outside can let you add to the load. Portable Water Filter Safe, clean drinking water is the most important resource you'll need. It's heavy and you can only carry so much. So choose a high quality water filter. Some models you can slip right on top of your bottle. First Aid Kit Leaving in a hurry? Crossing rough terrain? Or maybe someone's already injured. You need to take care of yourself. Don't skimp on your first aid kit. The American Red Cross sells well-equipped ones. There's more you should consider. To see other items for your go bag, go to and search "emergency kit."
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