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Tesla's Charging Challenge: Why Some Drivers Still Aren't Sold

Tesla's (TSLA) new model X SUV is the latest electric car hitting U.S. roads. You'd think that with a $130,000 price tag, everything about the car is tailor made for ease of use. But despite it's falcon wings and high tech dash, you've still got to charge it. While states like California may have the highest concentration of charging stations, juicing up in other parts of the country isn't as easy. Take New York for example, charging-up is still a challenge. Financier Charles Stonehill has owned a Tesla Model S in Manhattan for the last 2 years but has no charging access in his local garage. 'I'd like to see the city put some roadside charging in so that we have dedicated spots for charging by the road, just like you can in San Francisco and in some cities in Europe,' he told TheStreet. As we found out, most journeys in and around New York State still need to be planned around charging, despite the Model S's 265 mile range. 'I think if you get range anxiety you probably shouldn't be driving an electric car at this stage,' said Stonehill as we commenced the 40 minute drive to the nearest supercharger out on the Merritt Parkway - one of only three in New York state.



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