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Is Adam Levine Actually Going To Leave Maroon 5?

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As far as bands go, Maroon 5 has had an impressive run. Their unique sound (and willingness to evolve over time) is the biggest selling point. But it also helps that the group's lead singer has become internationally famous in his own right.

Though it's obvious Adam Levine has a professional life outside his role as Maroon 5's lead singer, it's not always clear how tight-knit the group is. They don't seem to give many interviews, though Adam is very much in the public eye on The Voice and other projects.

And after Adam was seemingly rude to a fan during a live performance, some spectators are wondering whether his time in the group is up. Will Adam Levine leave Maroon 5, or has he already? Here's what fans should know.

Did Adam Levine Leave Maroon 5?

The short answer is, no, Adam Levine didn't leave Maroon 5. At least, not yet. He did embark on a solo career ages ago, but it's almost a blip on Maroon 5's radar at this point.

The group was formed in 1994, with fewer members and under a different name (Kara's Flowers), though the group of now-six members didn't seem to reach mainstream fame until 2002.

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It didn't take long for Adam Levine, the group's lead singer, to break off on his own, which fans thought might lead to Maroon 5 disbanding.

As it turns out, Levine's solo success (he's had a single come out almost every year, either as the lead artist or a feature) didn't disrupt the group — yet, anyway.

Maroon 5 Has Released Multiple Albums Since Adam Went Solo

Though Levine had his own successes, he hasn't dropped his friends from Maroon 5. In fact, he's seemed to bring the band along for his fame. The group has released a handful of studio albums, in 2002, 2007, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2017, and 2021.

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During those years, Adam was performing on his own, releasing singles, collaborating with other artists, and appearing on The Voice.

Yet the band hasn't broken up, nor have they seemed to say anything bad about one another.

What Does Maroon 5 Think Of Adam's Success?

Maroon 5 might be best-known for Adam, but its other members include Jesse Carmichael, who performs backup vocals, keyboard, and guitar; James Valentine, another vocalist and guitarist; Matt Flynn (a drummer); PJ Morton, who's also a vocalist and keyboard player; and Sam Farrar, who has a long list of roles but primarily plays bass.

So what do the rest of the band members think of Adam and his super fame these days?

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Fans might think that after a string of embarrassments, including Adam forgetting Maroon 5 lyrics and seeming disgusted by a fan onstage, Maroon 5 might push their lead vocalist out.

Yet they don't seem to mind his drama. After all, even a tanked Super Bowl show didn't ruin them.

Plus, Maroon 5 has celebrated some impressive achievements over the years, like hitting 1 billion streams on Spotify (for the hit She Will Be Loved) in their first album's 20th anniversary year.

And in early 2022, the band started out on a world tour together.

Maroon 5 Still Tours, But Are They Making New Music?

Since Maroon 5's last album just came out in 2021, their 2022 tour is timely — but what does it mean for the future of the group?

As their concert in Tel Aviv recapped Maroon 5's 20-year history of music, everything seemed peachy for the six band mates. And as an article that un-ironically called the group a "2000s band" noted, Maroon 5 is still hugely popular.

And UMusic suggests it's thanks in part to Adam's fame that the group is still relevant. Sure, what would the band be without its lead singer, but they have a lot going for them outside of that, too.

The lead guitarist went to Burklee, and is apparently pals with John Mayer (Valentine has appeared on Mayer's albums). The group has collaborated with tons of big names like Christina Aguilera, SZA, Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, Kendrick Lamar, and Wiz Khalifa.

Maroon 5's ability to morph through music and time is another big selling point.

While Adam might continue to make headlines for his questionable behavior — and onstage messups — the music could very well continue to carry them all.

And as Maroon 5's world tour rolls through the end of 2022, it seems their future is pretty bright.


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