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Lady Gaga's Chromatica Ball Might Have A Deeper Meaning Than Fans Expected

TheThings logo TheThings 8/6/2022 Saskia Ainsworth
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There is no arguing that Lady Gaga has become one of the biggest pop stars of all time, with her talents stretching across several genres of music. From her electronic pop roots to jazz, this lady can really do it all. She has even dabbled in acting, best known for her roles in House Of Gucci and A Star Is Born.

In 2020, she even launched her very own makeup brand, Haus Labs, offering a stunning variety of clean and cruelty-free products. Constantly re-inventing herself, there's seemingly nothing that she can't do.

While doing all of that, Gaga has embarked on a total of 9 tours, including residencies alongside her captivating world tours. Her first tour commenced in 2009 and lasted a total period of six months. The Fame Ball tour grossed $3.15 million; not too bad for a first tour. For the next few years, Gaga would go on to tour, hopping across the globe to perform for her army of Little Monsters, who were clamoring for her at every location.

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Which Countries Will The Chromatica Ball Go To?

The Chromtica Ball is Gaga's sixth worldwide tour, and it has been in the pipeline for quite some time. It was originally planned to commence in 2020, just after the release of her comeback pop album Chromatica, however it was delayed due to the unforeseen circumstances of the pandemic.

Despite having to wait almost two years, it seems Gaga fans are hungrier than ever to see the pop star perform, and so far she has sold out several stadium venues in Europe and the United Kingdom, meaning as of writing, she has performed for over 300,000+ people.

The Chromatica Ball tour's locations include Düsseldorf (Merkur Spiel-Arena), Stockholm (Friends Arena), Paris (Stade de France), Arnhem (GelreDome) and London (Tottenham Hotspur Stadium). The next few locations that the Chromatica Ball will take Gaga across the pond to Canada and America.

Gaga will be stopping at Toronto, Washington, East Rutherford, Chicago, and Boston, to name a few key cities on the route.

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The rest of the tour will also only be performed in stadiums, and it is yet unforeseen whether she will add any arena dates in the future. Out of all of Lady Gaga's tours some fans have clearly labeled their favorites, while others seem to adore all of her performances equally no matter what.

For her current tour, the Bad Romance singer even hired security guards for her wardrobe. This was another exciting sign for fans that the outfits were going to be simply spectacular.

Fans Think There Is A Secret Message To The Chromatica Ball

On July 17th, Gaga marked her first night performing her long-awaited Chromatica Ball tour in Germany. After giving a show-stopping performance, many fans were blown away, and as she hopped around locations, fans have begun to speculate as to what the real meaning behind the setlist is.

One user on Twitter interpreted the show in the following way:

He goes on to explain how she begins the show by 'battling for her life', which is shown by her restrictive movement. At the end of the show, she is finally 'free' and can finally celebrate her victory, which is portrayed through her songs about love and joy.

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Much to fans' amazement, Gaga even liked the tweet, suggesting his theory was in fact correct. If he is correct, it would tie in with Gaga's idea for the stage being a 'museum of brutality', as she shared in an Instagram post.

Fans Love This Element Of Lady Gaga's Chromatica Ball

While the tour has received a large swathe of positive reviews from both fans and critics alike, fans have certainly been more vocal about their favorite aspects of the show via social media. Many fans have praised her spectacular vocal abilities, while others just love Gaga simply being Gaga, and have been noticing that she adores being back on stage again.

However, there is one element of the tour that many fans seem to love and agree on. In a YouTube video named '3 NIGHTS AT LADY GAGA'S CHROMATICA BALL' one lifelong Little Monster gives his overall review of the show.

The fan, Michael Murray, goes on to explain how he believes it's of 'her best tours' and goes on to give his seal of approval for the interludes by Nick Knight, labeling them as 'dark' and 'twisted', which ties in well with Gaga's description of her stage design being the 'museum of brutality'. He continues, saying these dark roots are one of the reasons he fell in love with Gaga in the first place.

Replay Video

It looks like this Little Monster wasn't the only fan who felt so strongly about the show, with other fans tossing their opinions into the mix. Several comments gave their nod of agreement. One fan went on to say, "This tour was without a doubt her best yet, visually, vocally, aesthetically, absolutely jaw dropping! It will go down in her history as one of her absolute best!"

Another added: "I went to London night one and it was my first show. I have been in love with Gaga since just dance. I was obsessed with the darkness and the aesthetic of the born this way era so this show was everything I needed and more."

So, overall, it seems Gaga has impressed many with her electrifying performance. Alongside these comments, many fans revealed similar sentiments in the comments, echoing their approval of the show.

Fans' positive reactions alongside outstanding reviews heavily suggest that this is one of Gaga's best tours yet.


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