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Prince Harry lets Meghan Markle to take the 'lead' during event

Daily Mail logo Daily Mail 9/26/2021 Chloe Morgan For Mailonline
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Prince Harry's narrowed gaze showed pride as he watched Meghan Markle become the 'lead star' during the Global Citizen Live on Saturday, a body language expert claimed.

The Duke, 37, and Duchess of Sussex, 40, appeared on stage at 'Wokestock' in Central Park, New York, to a loud cheers and called on everyone to work together to end the COVID-19 pandemic.

And according to Judi James, the royal couple's body language 'reverted back to their more familiar-looking PDAS' rather than their corporate-looking appearances which we have seen in New York over the last few days.   

Speaking of the Duke of Sussex's appearance at the event, Judi exclusively told FEMAIL: 'In performance terms it was Harry who seemed to recognise his wife as lead star, gazing at her with eyes slightly narrowed to show pride but also performing some anxiety rituals like clothing and finger-fiddling as he watched her more powerful speech.'

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Meghan Markle - who donned a white dress - finally shed her coat as she and Prince Harry appeared on stage in Central Park.

The crowd quieted when Prince Harry took the mic first and asked, 'Are you ready to do what's necessary to end this pandemic?'

The cheers started backup again and grew louder when Meghan - who Judi says sounded and looked more 'eloquent and passionate' about her message - took the mic.

And according to the body language expert, Prince Harry acted like 'a bit of a rock star' during his appearance. 

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'Meghan finally emerged from under those heavy coats and the couple began their speeches in rather individual styles,' she explained. 'Prince Harry was trying to rev the crowd with some warm-up man-style gestures, like cupping his ear to pretend he couldn’t hear their agreements and yelling out "New York Citaaaaay…" like a bit of a rock star.'

Video: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visit UN (Sky News Australia)


Judi went on to say that the duo's more romantic body language seemed to be encouraged by the audience's approval.

'After their more corporate-looking appearances so far in New York, this on-stage body language saw Meghan and Harry revert to their more familiar-looking PDAs and signals of affection,' she explained. 'Although these romantic rituals were driven more by the demanding crowd than instigated by the couple themselves.' 

She continued: 'But once Harry had used the "My wife and I" line and thrown the first loving gaze in Meghan’s direction, it was clear from the cheers and screams of approval from the crowd that they wanted more of the couple’s romantic back-story.'

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Judi went on to note how Prince Harry placed an arm around Meghan at this point and she 'responded by tilting her head onto his shoulder.' 

'Harry’s smile here with his lips closed is an acknowledgment to the crowd of that romantic story and we can see his fingers digging into her shoulder in a squeeze of affection,' she explained. 

'Having been in more corporate mode for this visit, Meghan’s raised hands and rather rigid fingers suggest the crowd’s approval for this side of their image might have caught her unaware.'

'Meghan stood confidently as the crowd cheered, and their hands formed the signature hand clasp with entwined fingers to show a tie-sign of closeness.'

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