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Couple Recognizes Blue Car From Amber Alert, Chases Down Kidnapper Who Took 11-Year-Old 7/22/2022 Amy P
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Charlotte Moccia, an 11-year-old Massachusetts girl, hopped off her school bus and was walking home when police say a man forced her into his vehicle.

Authorities issued an Amber Alert and shared a photo of a blue Honda with the public, saying it appeared to be the same car that drove off with Charlotte.

Hours later, Amanda Disley and her husband, Benny Correa — a couple traveling with their three children — were driving down Interstate 90 when their evening took a harrowing turn.

The eagle-eyed couple spotted a blue Honda and "noticed the wheels automatically." The distinctive rims on the car matched the rims shown in the Amber Alert.

Disley and Correa weren't exactly sure that this was the right vehicle, but they decided to follow their gut feeling.

Within seconds, they found themselves chasing down the alleged kidnapper under the night sky — risking their own lives to make sure they kept their eyes on the speeding driver.

Disley called 911 from the front seat and hit record on her phone. "It's him, it's him!" she screamed. "It's a blue Honda Civic and they're doing 100 miles per hour right now! He's blowing through red lights!"

Watch the video below to see what unfolded once officers pulled over the blue car and opened the doors.

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