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Inside Gambino mob boss Francesco Cali's $45,000 funeral where mourners left white roses and threatened a reporter who hung around to ask questions

Daily Mail logo Daily Mail 3/20/2019 Jennifer Smith For

Gambino crime family boss Francesco 'Franky Boy' Cali's funeral in Staten Island on Tuesday was a quiet, dignified affair with just a hint of the violence many of the mourners are known for.  

Cali, 53, was laid to rest in a private service then was taken to the Moravian Cemetery. 

The mourners were a who's who of current figures of interest to authorities which photographed some of them as they carried Cali's casket out of the funeral home before taking him to the cemetery. Four black unmarked police cars watched the service from across the street. 

'They want to know who shows up, who the players are, who’s going to possibly take over, who’s active, who‘s not, the pecking order.

'Unfortunately, it’s very limited.  But they have to take what they can get,' one law enforcement source told The New York Post about them being there. 

Once the service at the Scarpaci Funeral Home was over, his casket was driven to the nearby cemetery and was placed in a crypt in the Hillview Mausoleum, an extravagant two-tier building where the thousands of spots are highly coveted. 

Next to it, a bunch of white roses were left. 

Cali's name has not yet been engraved on the stone but a temporary sticker marked his place. 

As the mourners made their way out of the cemetery after the incident, one reportedly threatened a reporter who was asking questions inside the office. 

'Get the f*** out of here before I blow your f*****g head off,' he said, according to The New York Post.    

The source also claimed that one of the small number of attendees paid for a white-pillared, red-marble mausoleum in full with cash carried in a suitcase.

Cali is buried in a lower level spot in the two-tier mausoleum. 

a man riding a skateboard up the side of a building: Gambino family crime boss Francesco 'Franky Boy' Cali is carried out of the Scarpaci Funeral Home in Staten Island to be taken to a nearby cemetery. His casket had his name and the dates of life printed on it

Gambino family crime boss Francesco 'Franky Boy' Cali is carried out of the Scarpaci Funeral Home in Staten Island to be taken to a nearby cemetery. His casket had his name and the dates of life printed on it
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Thomas Bilotti was the Gambino Crime Family underboss for two weeks. His promotion triggered the assassination of Castellano. 

Born 1940, he passed away in the same incident as Castellano outside a Manhattan steak house - the executions said to be on the orders of John Gotti - and he can be found in Zone F Grave 120. 

Underboss of Gambino Crime Family, Frank DeCicco, served as a Capo and was laid to rest at 50 in Moravian Cemetery in 1986.

He died when Genovese associate Herbert Pate detonated an explosive attached underneath a car, that was meant for John Gotti.

The man charged with killing Cali, Anthony Comello, 24, appeared in court for the first time in Toms River, New Jersey on Monday for an extradition hearing.

During the hearing, he showed off drawings on his hand which read 'MAGA forever' and 'QAnon' - a far-right conspiracy theory alleging that a 'deep state' is working to bring down President Trump.

Those messages are in line with the posts from his secret Instagram account, the existence of which was first reported by the New York Post.  

Comello 'used to post crazy things about politics and Trump and Democrats,' a source told the Post.

The Instagram page was created under the handle 'realamericasvoice_'.

One Instagram post included the Reichsadler, or 'imperial eagle,' which was used during the Nazi period. The post reads: 'Infidel of freedom, infidels of the free world...Dems=demons go down on all counts.'

Another post shows House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wearing a symbol that supposedly represents 'evil fascism.'

There are also truther conspiracy theories which allege that the September 11, 2001 attacks were orchestrated by the Bush administration.

Another Instagram post depicts Michelle Obama, the former first lady, as a man dancing with 'wife,' Barack Obama, whose head is photoshopped onto her body.

One meme shows a group of prominent Democrats, including Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Eric Holder, and others in jail for 'treason' since 'Russia collusion is a proven lie.'

The Instagram post also shows messages denouncing illegal immigrants, socialism, and taxes. 

Comello first drew the attention of police after he bizarrely tried to make a 'citizen's arrest' of prominent Democratic figures including New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, Pelosi, U.S. House Rep. Adam Schiff, and U.S. House Rep. Maxine Waters. 

'There was an incident at the federal courthouse in lower Manhattan where he showed up [on February 21] asking to make a citizen's arrest of a number of elected officials,' NYPD Deputy Commissioner John Miller told the Post.

'These were rambling statements, but it involved that he wanted to make citizen arrests of Maxine Waters, Congressman Schiff,' Miller said. 

Schiff, Waters, and Pelosi are members of Congress from California. They are also outspoken critics of President Trump.

Miller said that Comello 'blamed Nancy Pelosi and all kinds of other people for stealing the election.' 

'They engaged in conversation with him, and while they were waiting for a sector car to show up, he walked off. That was the extent of the contact.' 

One source told 'He was clearly unhinged well before he decided to kill Cali. The whole citizen's arrest inquiry against Nancy Pelosi is proof of that.'

Comello's Monday courtroom stunt has already been compared to the actions of 'MAGA Bomber' Cesar Sayoc.

Floridian Sayoc, 56, was charged in October last year with sending 16 pipe bombs to President Trump's political enemies, including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former President Barack Obama.

When he was arrested, Sayoc had been living out of a van covered with pro-Trump stickers and images of prominent Democrats with cross-hairs on their faces. Sayoc faces life imprisonment if convicted.


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