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Amazing survival stories

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Angela Hernandez

After her SUV plunged off a cliff in Big Sur, California, U.S., on July 6, 2018, Angela Hernandez survived seven days on her own until she was discovered first by two surfers. Her car landed nearly 250 feet down the cliff and was partially submerged in the ocean water. She had to break open her side window to get out. Unable to get drinking water, a dehydrated Hernandez walked down the beach looking for people, and at times, she'd climb a high spot on the rocks, hoping to get spotted by passing cars above. Her only source of water was the one dripping from the cliffs. At the time of rescue, she was diagnosed with brain hemorrhage, four fractured ribs, a break and a fracture in both collar bones, a collapsed lung, ruptured blood vessels in both eyes and intense sunburn.

(Pictured) Rescue personnel attend to Hernandez.

© Monterey County Sheriff's Office/AP Photo
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