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Anti-gay sticker placed over car's pride sticker in Ghent

WVEC-TV Norfolk logo WVEC-TV Norfolk 6/10/2019 Ali Weatherton

As people celebrate Gay Pride Month around the country, a local woman says someone slapped a homophobic sticker on her car. 

Cynthia Moore believes it happened in Ghent on Saturday. 

"I didn't expect it. I saw it. I looked at it for a minute and I didn't understand,” explained Moore.

Moore said she doesn't understand why or how someone would do that especially during pride month. Whoever stuck it on her car, put it on top of a Virginia Beer Company Pride sticker.

"I wanted it gone, and it made me angry because first, it's my property. Second, like the whole point of pride is to be excited and to be like strong," she explained.

Moore believes it happened on Saturday but doesn't know how long the Anti-Gay message stayed on the back of her car.

She explained, "That is one of those things that it was put there to tear someone down and make them feel uncomfortable or unsafe and this is where I live and I don't want to feel unsafe and uncomfortable.”

Moore said it didn't hurt her feelings that someone put the sticker on her car, but it did make her mad. She is going to keep driving her car filled with pride.

"I put these on my car to let people know that I'm supportive, or if they need someone, or need to know there are people out there, they can,” Moore explained.

Moore said she plans to file a police report in case this sticker ends up on someone else’s car. 


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