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Go ahead, impeach Trump

Washington Examiner logo Washington Examiner 4/19/2019 Tiana Lowe
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For the past 30 years in public life, we've known Donald Trump to be a megalomaniacal charlatan, a brand ambassador masquerading as an entrepreneur, an adulterer, and a compulsive liar. We knew this as we elevated him to the upper most echelons of American celebrity, and we knew this as we let him dominate cable news and gain institutional legitimacy from the daily chair of "Morning Joe."

We knew this before the 2016 election, and every unforced error, from Stormy Daniels to pandering to the worst dictators to walk the planet, confirms it throughout his presidency.

But that's what matters: we're only confirming what we already knew when he was legitimately elected to the White House by the will of the Electoral College.

Given what we already know, the only questions that wound up mattering from the Mueller report were not, "is Trump a liar?" We already knew he is. It wasn't, "did he repeatedly try to interfere with the Russia investigation?" We already knew he did.

The only two things that mattered were if he personally knew of or encouraged conspiracy to collude or cooperation with the Russians in their attempts to interfere with our 2016 election, and did he actually do anything to obstruct the outcome of the investigation?

The answer to the first is a resounding no. While Paul Manafort clearly acted in the interests of the Russians rather than his own country, and while the competency, judgment, and functional IQ of his entire campaign ought to be called into question for allowing the most moronic of grifters within 100-feet of the White House, Trump did not collude. Period.

The second question is more complex but the answer less important. Americans already decided that process crimes aren't worth removing a president from office thanks to Bill Clinton. And it's not even clear if Trump ever successfully obstructed the investigation. Sure, his best defense is that he was actually so hysterical and upset that he actually believed he was at the bottom of a witch hunt, but the point is that obstruction, given the media pumping two years of expectations into the American populace, wouldn't really stick absent damning evidence.

So no one's opinions are changed, except perhaps about Manafort, who comes off far more evil than we already believed him to be before, and Carter Page, who may very well have been unfairly targeted by multiple FISA warrants.

Predictably, the new leaders of the Democratic Party want to impeach the president anyway.

You know what? Go ahead. Go impeach a president for a question of process crimes with a shred of the evidence Republicans had against Clinton when charging him with perjury and obstruction. Do this after our media betters spent more than two years swearing that Trump himself was a Russian shill, a traitor to our country. That won't backfire at all.

On the one hand, we all know that another impeachment circus would wreak havoc on the country just as it did in the Clinton-era, bring yet another two years of politics dividing public life and putting the American conscious on trial.

On the other hand, how would that be any different from the past two years? So sure, burn it all down. Ignore your Bidens and Buttigiegs who are already making headway into bringing back Obama-Trump country to the Democratic Party. Just show the nation who you really are, and punish us all with another two years of this.


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