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How Sweating Is Good for Your Health

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It keeps your face clear

Got a sweaty face? If so, you've probably got a clear one, too.  Schlessinger says that not only is sweat good for keeping you cool, but sweating from your face can also lead to a decrease in blackheads.  That's because sweating opens up your pores, which may help curb acne. "In healthy skin, oils travel to the skin's surface via hair follicles. If dead skin cells, excess oil, etc., plug pores on the surface, oil production continues, swelling the hair follicle and causing acne," says Freidman. You can 'fake' a good exercise-induced sweat with a steam facial: Hold your face about six to eight inches above a bowl of hot, steamy water. Drape a towel over your head and around the bowl and 'chill out' for two to three minutes. "Steam facials are one way of prepping the skin for deep cleaning," says Friedman. Just make sure to complete the process by washing your face after you sweat (whether via steam or exercise). Letting sweat linger or dry on your face can have the opposite effect and cause more harm than good. "Prickly heat or heat rash can occur when the sweat glands get blocked, so it's important to follow up a good sweat by washing your face and body soon after," says Friedman.
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