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Iowa Man, 93, Finds Long-Lost Wedding Ring 45 Years Later — in a Car Engine!

People logo People 1/10/2019 Char Adams
a man sitting at a table: Iowa Man, 93, Finds Long-Lost Wedding Ring 45 Years Later — in a Car Engine! © Provided by TIME Inc. Iowa Man, 93, Finds Long-Lost Wedding Ring 45 Years Later — in a Car Engine!

A 93-year-old Iowa man was recently reunited with the beloved wedding ring he lost 45 years ago.

Ray Schmuecker, of Petersburg, says he lost his wedding ring in the fall of 1973 or the winter of 1974, and had no idea where the diamond-inlaid jewelry could have gone, he told ABC News.

“I had never dreamed of ever seeing that ring again,” he told the site. “[My wife] was kind of broken about me losing it, so she [went] right into the town and [came] home with another wedding ring with several diamonds in it exactly like the one I lost.”

Now, the widower has two rings — all thanks to a string of events that led to the keep-sake being found in an unusual place: the engine of his 1972 Oldsmobile.

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After the car had been sitting around for decades, Schmuecker posted an ad last summer to sell the old car as scrap metal, according to KCRG. Will Frye, a life-long car-lover saw the ad and planned to buy the car for its motor after the one in his 1969 Oldsmobile quit working.

He purchased the car and, about three weeks ago, called the Schmuecker family to tell them what he had found while working on the motor.

“I was kind of chipping away at it, I had blew it all off with the air hose, and I could hear, you know, nuts and bolts and stuff hitting the ground, but it was just one big grease ball on the floor,” Frye told KCRG.

“It kind of looked like a donut hole, but it had a little shine to it, and I picked it up just to see what it was, and here I got chipping through it, it was a ring.”

Schmuecker, whose wife Virgene died of breast cancer, told the station that he doesn’t know how the ring found its way into the motor, noting that it may have slipped off when he was working on the vehicle. But no matter what happened, Schmuecker said he’s happy to have it back.

“I really treasured it,” he told KCRG. For his daughter, Ann Cabana, the find has been extra special.

“I just found out that I had breast cancer, and I lost my mom to breast cancer, and my sister told me that it’s a sign that everything was gonna be okay,” Cabana told the station.

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