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Krystal Ball lays out Sanders's path to victory in 2020

Opinion by: Krystal Ball Huge news for the Sanders's campaign. A new national Emerson Poll has Bernie surging into a tie for first place with Joe Biden. I guess maybe his campaign wasn't imploding as has been suggested by pundits time and time again. so here's the poll. It's got Bernie and Biden both at 27% Warren at 20 and new alleged frontrunner Pete down at 7%. Now let's throw in the caveats, this poll is a bit of an outlier and it has a sizeable margin of error. Bernie's national average at rcp is about 8 points lower than it shows up in this poll. However, something else significant just happened as well. For the first time in 2 months, Bernie has overtaken Warren in that 2nd place position in the Real Clear Politics national average. So we're not just talking about 1 outlier poll here, we are talking about a trend that has Bernie on the rise and Warren falling off as Pete steals her voters.
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