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Saagar Enjeti dismisses Warren, Klobuchar claims of sexism

Opinion by: Saagar Enjeti I can't believe they've actually done it, but the New York Times is going to make me defend Joe Biden with a new ridiculous story about how elitist critics of Elizabeth Warren are "sexist." The Times once again has shoehorned a poorly argued opinion story into their news section with this ridiculous headline quote: “Biden's attacks on Warren turn personal, drawing some complaints of sexism.” Obvious questions begin to arise, of course, complaints from whom? What accusations exactly? They go on to explain that Biden's use of the term "Condescending, angry, or elitist" is somehow adopting a gendered trope. This is patently insane. Maybe Biden's use of the terms condescending, angry, or elitist come from the fact that Elizabeth Warren is actually quite condescending and elitist.
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