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This absolutely bonkers hand set the final table at the World Series of Poker

SB Nation logo SB Nation 6 days ago James Dator
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Simply unbelievable.

The final table at the World Series of Poker main event on Wednesday night was more brutal than you can possibly imagine.

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Let’s set the scene

This table was to decide who would sit at the final table of the 2018 World Series of Poker. Nicholas Manion was sitting on pocket aces and saw his shot to make a major move after a relatively quiet evening. The day prior, Manion folded pocket kings to a pair of aces (this part will become important).

His raise of $1.5 million got things started, before Rich Zhu and Antoine Labat — both of whom were sitting on pocket kings, decided to call Manion’s bluff (or so they thought) and went all in.

Manion went all-in in response, and there were over $76 million on the table, with two players realizing they had to have a magical flop in order to stay in the game. That didn’t happen.

Why is this significant?

Look, if you’re sitting on pocket kings it’s smart — especially if you think you can muscle out Manion and get your shot at the main table. It’s important to note that Manion is completely obscure on the professional poker scene, to the point where he’s not even listed in professional databases. So assuming this was a dude who couldn’t hang with them was a logical conclusion.

They just didn’t anticipate the 35-year-old to be sitting on the most powerful hand imaginable.

What does it mean?

Manion’s gutsy move means he earned a seat at the top table of the 2018 World Series of Poker, and he’ll do it with an astounding chip lead and he’ll be in the position to make a splash and muscle people around.


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