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37 Naturally Heart-shaped Spots Around the World

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37 Naturally Heart-shaped Spots Around the World

Couples in love may see hearts everywhere. But in some spots on the planet, it’s not just the hormones and brain receptors making the world a place for lovers: Mother nature shaped these spots for romantics.

From lakes in Canada to islands off the coast of Fiji, there are certain heart-shaped places around the world where mother nature went heavy with literal representations of love. Each of these places is incredibly unique and can meet different things to different types of lovers.

For passionate couples, there’s an iconic heart-shaped rock in Maui that sits right next to a naturally-occurring, lava-induced blowhole. X Canyon in Arizona looks like a heart was dug through a zen garden of sand. And then there’s the succinctly-named Lake of Love in Russia that just looks like a gigantic heart surrounded by greenery when viewed from up above.

No matter your type of love, here are some amazing heart-shaped places around the world, absolutely perfect for a last minute Valentine’s Day.

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