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Hunter Biden Could Destroy Joe Biden’s Presidency

From How Far Will Joe Biden Go to Protect His Family? – The Hunter Biden corruption scandal deepens as Rep. James Comer (R-KY) of the House Oversight Committee continues deepening his probe into shady finances of the Biden family. For years, President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, has traveled the world with his hat in hand, begging for money from various international business leaders and heads of state. Hunter apparently made no distinction between friend or foe. The First Son was an equal opportunity exploiter: on the one hand, he was taking gobs of cash from Ukraine. On the other hand, Hunter received a constant stream of money from America’s most significant challenger, China. While we should be concerned about Hunter’s role in Ukraine, given how seriously the United States and its allies have courted nuclear world war with Russia over the future of Ukraine, Americans should be more concerned about how compromised by China Hunter Biden is. What’s more, according to Rep. Comer’s investigation, it’s now more than just Hunter who is involved. Suspicions have abounded that both Hunter’s father—the President of the United States—as well as Hunter’s uncle have been involved in these illicit deals. Now, it looks as if many more members of the Biden family were receiving cash from Hunter Biden and his associates involved in whatever suspicious international business practices Hunter was engaged in.
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