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It seems like the Biden administration is lying about how many Americans it'll abandon

Washington Examiner logo Washington Examiner 8/26/2021 Tiana Lowe
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With Kabul in chaos, four U.S. Marines dead after a terrorist attack, and Americans left with days, if not hours, to evacuate Afghanistan, time is running out for the Biden administration to save our citizens and our allies. But despite Secretary of State Antony Blinken's assurances that just 1,500 Americans remain in the Taliban-run country, the math simply doesn't add up.

Last week, the Pentagon told the press that 10,000 Americans remained in Afghanistan as Kabul fell. The White House said that figure was 11,000. Then the State Department told Senate staffers that the number was 15,000.

Blinken says that we have already evacuated 4,500 Americans, but that would total just 6,000 Americans who were in Afghanistan when the government fell, 4,000 fewer than the lowest public estimate made by the Biden administration. So what's going on?

The only avenue out of Afghanistan right now is through the Kabul airport. That was bad enough before the terrorist attack on Thursday that injured and killed several U.S. Marines. And even before that, the U.S. failed to provide safe passage to Americans and allies from within Kabul to the airport. But Kabul itself has been blockaded, meaning that any American outside of Kabul could only theoretically escape the nation by leaving the border by foot. Fat chance.

So what's the real number of Americans in the country as Kabul fell? Blinken's public figure of 6,000? Or 15,000, as his office reportedly told Senate staffers? One of these figures has to be a lie.


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Original Location: It seems like the Biden administration is lying about how many Americans it'll abandon


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