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Kanye West reportedly asked campaign staff to avoid 'fornicating'

The Hill logo The Hill 2 days ago Judy Kurtz
Kanye West talking on a cell phone: Kanye West reportedly asked campaign staff to avoid 'fornicating' © UPI Photo Kanye West reportedly asked campaign staff to avoid 'fornicating'

Kanye West reportedly requested that staffers working on his long-shot presidential bid abstain from sex outside marriage.

The 43-year-old rapper - who is married to reality TV star Kim Kardashian West - asked that campaign aides "refrain from 'fornicating' outside of marriage," according to a Wednesday New York Times report.

In a series of text and phone exchanges with a Times reporter published by the paper, the performer, who has said he has bipolar disorder, offered scant details on his White House bid, which he first announced in July.

While opposed to abortion, West said he didn't want to ban it.

"You can't do that," West said. "I don't want to ban or stop or point fingers at anything." He said that he would instead promote "stipends for families that need support, creating orphanages that are really high-level desirable for people to go to, and the redesign of communities and cities in general to be supporting of families."

Running under the Birthday Party, West has failed to make the ballot in several states, including Ohio, Montana, West Virginia and Wisconsin. So far, he has been given ballot access in Arkansas, Idaho, Iowa, Tennessee, Utah and Mississippi.

The entertainer has been a vocal supporter of President Trump's and famously visited the Oval Office in 2018. In an interview last month, West said he was "not denying" that his campaign is seeking to hurt the candidacy of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Asked by the Times the purpose of his presidential campaign, West replied, "Do you have children?"

A reporter answered, "One of them has many of your albums on vinyl and plays them very loud."

West then responded, "Lovely."


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