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Michael Cohen: “Nothing goes on in Mar-A-Lago…without Trump’s specific knowledge”

Ever since the FBI conducted a search at Mar-A-Lago and retrieved top secret documents, Donald Trump has been trying to deflect and feign ignorance. His former personal lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen isn’t buying it though. “There’s no doubt in my mind that Donald had to know that documents were there,” he says. “Nothing goes on in Mar-A-Lago, nothing goes on in Trump World without Donald Trump’s specific knowledge.” There’s still many unanswered questions about what information those documents contain, how they ended up stashed away in a basement at Mar-A-Lago, and who might have tipped off federal agencies about their location. Cohen has one name in mind: Jared Kushner. “I personally have always thought that Kushner was the guy who would end up turning on his father in law first,” he tells Ali Velshi.


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