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Obama vs. MAGA Hate: Ari Melber on debunking lies and Jay-Z’s political history lesson (MSNBC)

As the U.S. faces rising hate crimes, political violence and renewed debates over confronting its history of discrimination, MSNBC anchor and music obsessive Ari Melber reports on the roots of American capitalism, drawing on a poem/verse by Jay-Z on the Meek Mill song, “What’s Free,” marking its fourth anniversary. Melber reports on and interprets the verse within its poetic and historical context, from Jay-Z's juxtaposition of the National Anthem and Thanksgiving with American slavery, the 3/5's compromise and genocide; to the legal and political structures driving real estate property, intellectual property, equity, ownership and inequality in U.S. capitalism and labor markets; to the implications of racism and housing policies across generational wealth.
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