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Trump goes after tax returns protests: 'The election is over!'

The Hill logo The Hill 4/16/2017 Olivia Beavers

Tax Day demonstrators march away from the U.S. Capitol April 15, 2017 in Washington, DC. Activists gathered in cities nationwide to demand President Donald Trump release his tax returns. Trump Tax protests around the country President Trump tweeted Sunday expressing dismay about rising calls for the release of his individual tax returns following his near "impossible" 2016 Electoral College election feat as a Republican candidate.

Trump's tweet comes after thousands of organized protests urged him to release his tax returns during the year's tax filing deadline.

Over a dozen people were arrested in Berkeley, Calif., over the weekend after violent clashes erupted in the streets between pro-Trump and anti-Trump groups.

Trump also urged in a Sunday tweet that someone should investigate "who paid" the protest organizers, adding that the "election is over!"

Lawmakers and Americans citizens alike called on the president throughout the campaign to release his tax returns, leading to swirling questions of what he could be hiding.

He first said his returns are under audit, but he would release them after the IRS finished its audit. The IRS said he could still release his tax returns, and after further urging, Trump dismissed that most Americans care about the contents of his tax returns.

Trump broke the modern precedent of president's releasing their tax returns.


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