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Elon Musk Grows Paranoid Over Potential 'Twitter Files' Retaliation, Warns Followers He Has No Plans To Take His Life

Radar Online logo Radar Online 12/6/2022 Radar Online
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Things are getting weird at Twitter HQ. CEO Elon Musk has grown increasingly paranoid over the fear of retaliation from his "Twitter files" drop and warned his followers that he had no plans of taking his own life, has learned.

The bizarre announcement came during a Q&A session β€” also known as Twitter Spaces β€” which was held a day after the Tesla founder released internal documents from his social media site regarding the platform's decision to censor the infamous Hunter Biden laptop fiasco.

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A top tech personality, Kim Dotcom, asked the 51-year-old Twitter CEO if he had "suicidal thoughts" in light of the Hunter leaks.

"I do not have any suicidal thoughts. If I committed suicide, it’s not real," Musk replied, prompting eyebrows to raise.

The response seemed to hint that should something happen to Musk, it was not by his own doing.

While he was still on the topic of releasing Hunter-related internal documents, he alluded to "more smoking guns" regarding his company's previous censorship policies under former leadership.

The odd exchange was not the first time Musk made a cryptic message on his platform about being harmed.

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After he assumed control of the major social platform in October for a measly purchase price of $44 billion, Musk said that he was in a greater position of "risk" to his "personal safety" as the new CEO.

Following a clash with a Russian official over providing Starlink satellite internet to Ukraine amid the ongoing Russia/Ukraine conflict, Musk tweeted about his death.

"If I die under mysterious circumstances, it's been nice knowin ya," the CEO wrote in a tweet.

The majority of Musk's recent issues from taking over the platform stem from rash decisions brought in by his leadership, which officially took effect at the beginning of November.

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As he continued with his overhauls, which included the vow to keep free speech alive on the platform, Musk reinstated several previously banned accounts β€” which included rapper Kanye West and Donald Trump, although the former president refused to rejoin.

Shortly after giving Kanye access to the social platform, the disgraced rapper used his account to spew hate speech and antisemitic propaganda to followers.

Following backlash from ongoing antisemitic tweets, Musk suspended Kanye from the social site, which caused an uproar among critics who felt the move was hypocritical after he cited the former leader's alleged position of anti-free speech.


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