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I Am Gen Z

I Am Gen Z Documentary Movie trailer - Plot synopsis: "Investigated through expert interviews and the web lens of Generation Z, this documentary explores how the explosion of the digital revolution is impacting our society, brains, and mental health. The forces driving the digital revolution are working against humanity and have put us on a dangerous trajectory. With self-deprecating humor, Gen Z talks to us in their language, through TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. Their battles with mental health are stark. The uncertainty of their futures, brought on by the speed of the technology revolution, is palpable. Experts ponder how Gen Z is to make sense of the world when fake news fills our social media feeds driven by algorithms that are trained to aim at people's instincts. Gen Z recognizes how smartphones are influencing their behavior, making them vulnerable to trolling, unfiltered criticism, and unhealthy levels of comparison, and interrupting their sleep and distracting them from their studies. They're becoming adults in a world mediated by digital technologies with little or no transparency, a planet facing climate change, and an unprecedented global pandemic. Digital technology promised so much, but are the forces driving it too powerful for us to prevent a negative effect on the futures of Generation Z? "
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