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Near-Earth Object 2020 SO extremely close encounter: online observations – 30 Nov. 2020

More here: On 1 Dec. 2020, the near-Earth object 2020 SO will have a extremely close, but safe, encounter with us, coming at about 50000 km from the Earth, 13% of the average lunar distance. We still don’t know what it is: an asteroid or the Surveyor 2 rocket booster The Virtual Telescope Project will show it to you live!. The near-Earth object 2020 SO, discovered by the Pan-STARRS survey on 17 Sept. 2020 and announced two days later by the Minor Planet Center, has an estimated diameter in the range 4.5 – 10 meters (source: Nasa/JPL). We are not sure it is an asteroid (that is, a natural body), as it could be the rocket booster of the Surveyor 2 Nasa mission, dating back to 1966. Furthermore, from 8 Nov. 2020 to March 2021, it will be a temporary satellite of our home planet. The Virtual Telescope Project will show it live, thanks to its advanced technologies, bringing it to you via the Internet. This way, you can join the journey from the comfort of your home.
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