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“Pregnant people in Alabama are such a low priority for health care”

Ali traveled to Tuscaloosa, AL to tour one of the state's clinics -- the West Alabama Women's Center -- which was forced to stop providing abortions the day Roe was overturned. The staff there -- including the clinic's operations director, Robin Marty -- is determined to keep the clinic open and do whatever it can to legally support pregnant people across the state - stopping short of abortion care. In a candid interview that spanned more than an hour, the clinic’s operations director Robin Marty brought him up to speed on what abortion care in the state looks like at this juncture. “I hope that at some point the legislature understands is that they aren't shutting down abortion clinics -- they're overburdening hospitals that were already in crisis.” Hospitals are “overwhelmed,” says Marty. Pregnant people in Alabama are such a low priority for health care in general, that if you go into a hospital that has all of these pressing needs, they're gonna put you aside because they figure it's ‘just a pregnancy issue.’”
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